Politics & Leadership Club

The purpose of the ASU Politics & Leadership Club is to promote leadership and civic involvement by imparting a deeper understanding of political liberty and civic institutions to undergraduate students. To achieve this, the club provides a forum for students to learn and discuss political thought and leadership in order to foster a better understanding of the current world of politics. The club seeks to teach students how to apply the lessons they learn from each other, faculty, and guest speakers at each meeting to their own life so they can achieve their goals and aspirations. This club is affiliated with the ASU Center for American Institutions and the Political History and Leadership Certificate Program.

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This club meets every Monday, from 4:30-5:30pm on the ASU Tempe campus in the Social Sciences Building room #109 unless there is a national holiday or unless stated otherwise in the club's official emailing list.

Spring 2024 Monday Dialogues

Jan. 8: Welcome - “Will Public Opinion Change in the Israel-Hamas War?”
Jan. 22: “Are College Classes Overly Politicized?”
Jan. 29: “What Will the Increased Use of Artificial Intelligence Look Like in Society?”
Feb. 5: “The Rise, Fall and Rise of Marxism” – Phillip Magness
Feb. 12: “Are Arizona’s Public Schools Performing?”
Feb. 19: “How is Social Media Affecting the Politics of Gen Z?”
Feb. 26: “Swing State Spotlight: Congressional Races in Arizona”
Mar. 11: “Why Money Matters” – Farley Grubb
Mar. 18: “The Politics of Abortion”
Mar. 25: “Markets and Free Enterprise” – Samuel Gregg
Apr. 1: “What Role Do Comedians Have in Politics?”
Apr. 8: “What Can We Do About the Southern Border Crisis?”
Apr. 15: “Are Mass Shootings Preventable”
Apr. 22: “Is Our Democracy Safe in 2024?”

Friday, May 3: End of Year Celebration 4:30 - 7:00 | Culinary Drop Out Tempe (RSVP required - click here)